Interactive e-learning courses

A cost-effective and efficient way to make your organization privacy aware. Privacy Aware's courses provide an interactive, enjoyable, and educational way to make your organization aware of the information privacy requirements and best-practices. We can produce custom-designed elearning courses that will educate your end-users, IT staff, and managers on the relevant IAPP privacy guidelines.

Our online training solutions are designed to effectively educate your staff to be privacy aware. This helps to meet privacy guidelines under PHIPA, IAPP, and the CPMA’s privacy recommendations. By meeting these high standards, you can help mitigate the risk to your organization from potential privacy breaches.

Our courses are designed with state-of-the-art e-learning tools that allow your staff to both learn quickly and effectively. By using interactive learning modules as well as tried-and-tested methods of content delivery, your staff will be enjoyable and rapidly educated in the privacy information relevant to your organization.

The primary goal of our training is to help make your organization more privacy aware–which means that you’ll both mitigate potential risks and help to reduce the likelihood of any privacy breaches. Working with subject matter experts, we’ve designed user-friendly, content-relevant, and pedagogically-sound training courses!

Privacy Aware’s courses provide the latest and greatest in privacy training. You won’t be disappointed with their courses! – David Roemmele

Time-efficient courses ensure that your staff becomes privacy aware in a rapidly. If you purchase our training today, your entire organization could be privacy aware by tomorrow!

We offer both hosted and non-hosted e-learning solutions, giving your organization the highest possible level of choice in implementing our privacy awareness solutions.

An award-winning Learning Management System (LMS) is implemented in order to effectively deliver our online training. Courses are delivered in a streamlined and user-friendly way.

All of our courses are SCORM compliant, allowing us to rapidly implement privacy awareness training through our LMS or your own privately-run LMS.